What Does it Mean to be a Haute Bride

These days the concept of luxury has changed, and it doesn’t mean what it used too a long time ago. There were times when people thought that being opulent is the best way to influence others’ opinions. This mentality was even more obvious at weddings, when the bride had to wear exuberant accessories and everything had to be abundant. Nowadays brides look and act different, so, in our opinion a haute bride describes a smart bride.

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In our times the haute bride adopts an elegant and sophisticated look, without being exuberant. The wedding dress she wears is simple and classy comparing to the heavy gowns women used to wear some time ago.

The modern bride prefers to wear refined accessories that highlight her natural beauty, because a good taste is more important than the quantity of jewelry a person might wear. If you want to add some class to your wedding outfit, you should focus on the value your accessories have, and try to avoid using exuberant details.

Our advice is to save the money you would have spent on useless things and invest them in a memorable honey moon. Think at it as the perfect opportunity for you and your new husband to have the most beautiful time of your life. You can visit special places that you’ve only dreamed of and live an amazing fairytale.

If you consider yourself a haute bride try to picture yourself sitting on a beach surrounded by palm trees and celebrating the love you and your husband share. However, this doesn’t mean you have to neglect your wedding day. In our opinion, the most important aspects you should take care of regarding this issue are the following ones:

  • the food and the drinks you are going to serve to your guests should be of high-quality;
  • the music is also important if you want to provide a good atmosphere for your special day;
  • your gown and your fiance’s outfit should look great, no matter what.

You may not believe this but there are some things people don’t care about that much. Let’s take the wedding invitations for example. People don’t know what to do with them, so, after they read what interests them, the invitations end up in the trash. That is why we advise you not buy the most expensive ones.

A modern bride shouldn’t waste money on the flower arrangements since there are so many other alternatives she could use. Our suggestion is to opt for decorative candles on top of the tables. You can ornate each candle with one big peony bloom instead of spending money on big bouquets of flowers.

We advise you to put in balance what matters the most: impressing everyone with useless expensive objects, or understanding the true meaning of the event and celebrating it with the person you love?


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