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By Caroline Wells, October 23, 2013

Celebrity wedding rings are different from the jewelry regular women receive, and as a rule, they are brighter, bigger and most shiny. After all, these incredible pieces of jewelry adorn the well manicured hands of famous women and are admired worldwide.

By Caroline Wells, October 23, 2013

Although the ring finger is still the same, nowadays a wedding ring can take many shapes. Wedding ring tattoos are an innovative way of showing an eternal bond, because there are plenty of varieties with different meanings and symbolization.

By Caroline Wells, October 22, 2013

A wedding ring is the most valuable possession of a married woman as it symbolizes the love of her partner and his lifetime commitment to stand by her side. However, certain men emphasize on the intrinsic value of a ring in order to prove their love. The most expensive wedding ring in the world is worth $9.5 million.