Uncommon traditions related to weddings

When organizing a wedding, there are a lot of things to consider. Apart from choosing a venue, theme, decorations and flowers, which seem to be the bride’s duty, she also has the difficult task of choosing the dress, hairstyle and jewelry – and they should all match. She will be for sure the main character of the ceremony, so she must look flawless. The accessories must be chosen carefully, depending on the type of the dress, color, texture, shape and neckline, to look well as a whole. In addition to this, there are certain traditions everybody knows, that the bride must take into consideration. It is well known that she must wear “something new, something blue, something old and something borrowed”, each of them representing elements of the bride’s life: the future, the past, her friends and the loyalty for her husband. There is also the throwing of the bouquet, a habit which expanded from America to the whole world, and it is practiced to determine who will be the next women to get married. Besides those, there are also various customs, like for example, wearing a bridal pearl necklace. There is a whole history behind this, and not all the people know it.

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According to specialists, it is believed that pearls were discovered thousands of years ago, probably by people living at the seaside, near the shores of the oceans, while they were searching for food. Ever since they have been discovered, pearls have been considered precious gems, due to their shimmering texture. There are many legends related to wearing pearls, and one of them says that before drinking wine, Cleopatra used to dissolve pearls in her glass, for the simple reason that she wanted to win a wager she made with Marc Antony, according to which she could simply drink the wealth of an entire country just from one glass. Other legends say that the actual purpose of this was that she wanted to seduce Marc Antony, but records of this are not confirmed. In other cultures, pearls had different meanings: while in ancient Rome, they represented the most eloquent proof of wealth and social standing, the Greeks considered them the symbol of love, marriage and astonishing beauty. In addition to this, the latter ones believed that these gems would bring harmony and peace inside the marriages, and also prevented brides from crying – the small pieces would have represented her tears. Along history, pearls have been given various significances: in the Dark Ages, knights used them on the battlefields as talismans, since they were said to protect them from any harm, during Renaissance they were a sign of richness, and there were even some laws introduced in certain countries from Europe, which banned wearing them by any other person who did not belong to the nobility.

This custom made it to our days, when royalty still wears pearls, especially at weddings: Queen Elizabeth II did this in 1947, and the same thing did Sarah Ferguson, followed by Jacqueline Bouvier (Mrs. Kennedy), in the United States. However, this tradition is controversial, and some cultures consider it ominous, but most of the times, it is believed that they “take away the bride’s tears”.


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