The Traditional Indian Bride

A Hindu wedding involves many traditions and is considered to be sacred. The Hindu people give a lot of importance to the preparations that need to be done before the big day, and the celebrations may last for several days. They decorate everything using bold colors; still, the main attraction of the whole event is the Indian bride’s wedding dress.

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The Indian bride is known for her supreme beauty and for the accessories she wears during the wedding ceremony. She uses certain types of ornaments which make her look spectacular. That is why her aspect is very different from what we see on brides from other cultures.

First of all, the wedding dress is not white, on the contrary, it has a multitude of bright colors and a special cut. Depending the region, she can choose between a saree, a lehenga, or a gagra choli. Red is considered to be the proper color for the wedding dress, but it can also contain some blue, yellow or silver details.

The Indian bride‘s jewelery has a great impact on her look and it can really enhance her appearance. They are really unique and the bride wears one for every part of her body.

The most recommended jewelry for the neck area is the choker, which is a necklace that can be worn very tight around the neck, and the rani haar. The last one is a traditional necklace that is made from a pendant which is attached to a long chain. In order to create a sparkly aspect, brides usually wear it with a collar necklace.

The earrings are also very sophisticated and complex. They can be shaped as chandeliers or they can have a little bell hanging from the bottom. Either way, they come in big sizes and they give the outfit a perfect balance. The traditional bride also wears decorated stud earrings to complete her appearance.

The Indian jewelery for head and hair is the one that really makes the difference between the Indian and other brides. The tikka is an accessory which looks like thin chain coming down the hair parting, and the jhoomer is a head ornament that is pinned into the hair, and is worn over the temple.

The brides also wear bracelets attached to one or two rings, and armlets for their upper arms. Although you might think nose rings are out of style, they are very popular in India and brides us them especially for their wedding day. If you want your wedding day to be inspired by Indian weddings, you can add a lot of details that will complete that atmosphere; for example, you can make up some Indian wedding favors, such as offering your guests flower garlands that they’ll wear throughout the day.


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