The Most Expensive Wedding Ring in the World

A wedding ring, also known as an engagement ring is probably the most prized possession of a married woman. This ring embodies the love that her partner has for her as well as his life time commitment to be there for her. As you can imagine the value of this ring is incommensurable. However, the physical value can be measured and some men have gone out of their way to overemphasize that value. Today we are going to present you the most expensive wedding rings in the world.

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  • The Blue Diamond

This Bulgari ring has earned a reputation as one of the most desirable engagement rings in the world. Part of that reputation is owned to the fact that it actually is the most expensive wedding ring in the world. In order to create this ring, Bulgari used a 5.30 carats blue diamond. The top quality blue diamonds are very rare and they are usually acquired for a lot of money and kept in secure collections. This particular ring was sold for $ 9.5 million to Graff Diamonds. The blue diamond is surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds and on the sides it features a band made of baguette cut diamonds.

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  • Celebrity engagement rings

When it comes to the most expensive wedding rings in the world, the celebrities’ rings are usually ranked in the top positions. For example, Jay Z chose to propose to Beyonce with a 20 carats diamond which cost him no less than $5 million. Paris Hilton also received an impressive ring from her loved one which was evaluated at $4.6 million dollars. Although the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries was rather short, Kim did get to keep a nice reminder of that marriage: her $2 million dollars wedding ring. These are the most expensive engagement rings in the world but in all fairness, most celebrities own wedding rings which are estimated at a few tens of thousands of dollars. After all, artists are known for their extravagant proofs of love and when the eyes of the entire world are on you, you simple have to do something special for your girl. However, our beloved celebrities could show some modesty and grace once in a while. After all, Kate Middleton’s ring is worth only $50 000, and she’s a future queen.

We are well aware of the fact that all wedding rings are beautiful due to their symbolic meaning. Furthermore, they are even more appreciated when they come with an exorbitant price tag. What few women don’t know is that jewelry must also abide by fashion trends. In order to choose a stylish model, it is important to keep in touch with the latest trends. On, you can find a lot of jewelry inspiration, the latest jewelry collections as well as the jewelry trends that you need to keep in mind. Furthermore, on, you will also find a lot of fashion tips and tricks that can prove to be very useful on the wedding day. After all, a bridal outfit must be perfect from head to toes.

Most of the rings presented above are only dreams for most women. However, diamonds have always been the biggest weakness of women and we can’t help being drawn to them. Still, we should always remember that the value of a wedding ring lies in its symbolic meaning and not its intrinsic value.


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