The Easiest Bridesmaid Updos

Sometimes we need to style our hair but we don’t have the time to go to a beauty shop. Things can get very complicated, especially if you are one of the bridesmaids who have to be in time for church in order to help the bride with whatever she needs. That is why we suggest you to try some of the easiest bridesmaid updos.

Lately weddings have transformed from joyful occasions to stressful occasions> this is true both for the couple who plans the wedding, but also for the guests, especially the bridesmaids that have to help out with the planning process. However, this is also a great opportunity for the bride to be to strengthen the friendship that she shares with her bridesmaids. It is also a custom for the bride to present her close friends with the best bridesmaid gifts that she can think for. If the gifts are a sort of jewelry of accessories, the bridesmaids should wear them on the wedding in order to show how much they value the bride’s friendship. The great thing about the hairstyles presented below is that they are very simple, so they will definitely compliment any piece of jewelry or hair accessory.

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The hairstyles we are going to present are very easy to be made, so, we recommend you to try making them at home.

The twisted updo will take you only a few minutes, and all you need are some hairpins. If your hair is clean you need to add some product to give it a good texture.

The first thing you need to do is split your hair into two sections and tie one away. Pick up a small section from near your forehead and twist it away. Then precede in the same manner with the next piece of hair from below, only this time twist it into the previous one. Keep doing these moves until you get to the neck area; twist small portions of hair and incorporate them together.

When you reach the base of your neck, twist what’s left until it starts coil in on itself. The next thing you have to do is wrap the strand into a cute low bun and fix it in place using some bobby pins. If you repeat this technique on the other side, you will end up with two buns which are fit for a sophisticated bridesmaid.

Some of the most appreciated bridesmaid updos are those that bring a touch of romance to your overall look. This is why we give you some tips on how to realize a headband updo.

You need a curling iron in order to curl all the hair away from your face and a headband to put over the top of your head. Start by taking the entire right side and twist it tight near your ear. Stop twisting when you reach the middle of the strand, and pin it using a large bobby pin.

Next, unite all the hair from your left side with what is left out from the right side and twist them up. Tuck the remaining hair into the headband until you can’t see the headdress anymore.

The result is a beautiful crown which you can ornate with small flowers or a sparkling accessory. If you want, you can loosen it up a little and pull out some streaks. You can be confident you will increase the dose of romanticism of the hairdo, and you won’t feel the need to look for other bridesmaid updos anymore. Complement this hairstyle with the gift that you received from the bride. This way, you will look great and she will feel like she really found the best bridesmaid gifts.


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