The Bridesmaid Speech

Being a bridesmaid implies being the bride’s best friend and this thing should be obvious during the bridesmaid speech. If you find yourself among the lucky ladies who are so special to the bride, you should have a great outline prepared.

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Usually the maid of honor is the one who makes the speech. She is considered to be the most capable to realize the chores that must be done until the wedding day, and she helps the bride organize everything. So, she deserves the honor of giving the bridesmaid speech.

Documenting yourself about how a bridesmaid speech look like should is the best thing you can do. Here are some tips that will help you create a special moment:

• First, you need to start by introducing yourself, so that people would know who you are. Then, let anyone understand how happy you are to be there and see your best friends getting married.

• Keep on by telling a short story about the bride, such as the day you first met, the first thing you discovered you have in common and how you became best friends. Everyone will be interested to find out why you were selected to be the maid of honor, you know how people are.

• Make sure you won’t say something offensive that might make the bride feel uncomfortable.

• Next, you should say you are proud of the memories you have together and move on to the part when you thank her for the good advice she gave you over time.

• Talk about how you borrowed each other things and how you supported each other when you were going through some rough moments because of men. Look at your best friend and say that now there’s no need for you to worry about her anymore because she found a good man who loves her.

• End your speech by telling the groom and bride that you are sure their love will last forever due to the fact they are also best friends. Make a little joke by saying you feel your position is being threatened, and that’s why you are a little jealous on the bride’s new husband.

• Tell them they look amazing together and that they are going to have beautiful kids.

• The last thing the bridesmaid speech involves is asking everyone to stand up and toast to the newlyweds.
Remember not to keep your bridesmaid speech too long because your audience will get bored. All you have to do is keep it simple and talk from your heart.


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