Bridesmaids Hair Styles

Being bridesmaid at a wedding is a big honor. That is why you have to rise up to the expectations and look as good as you can when the big day comes. You have to pick up your dress, shoes, accessories and choose one of the bridesmaids hair styles.

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Bridesmaids have many duties and responsibilities. They have to offer their constant support to the bride, giving her advice, confidence, and helping her with chores. It is almost impossible to find time for yourself when you haven’t finished all the arrangements for your best friend’s wedding. After all, you don’t want to upset the bride by not showing on time when you have to choose the appetizers or the favors.

In order to help you, we offer you some easy ideas about how to style your hair. Here are some bridesmaids hair styles which you will find very attractive:

1. You can try an easy updo look by adding curls on one side of your face. You can do that by using a straightening plate, some bobby pins and hair spray. Choose a few strands of hair and add some loose curls to their ends. You can also curl your hair in the front, especially if you have long bangs. Pin a part of your hair in the back creating volume and use the hair spray in order to fix it better. During the reception you can move your curls from one side and let them flow down your back.

2. A big blooming flower would be great to create a romantic look; still, you have to ask for the bride’s opinion. Maybe she wants to use flowers as hair accessories as well, in which case you will have to give up the idea and let her have all the glory. After all, you will be a bride, too, someday. And when that moment comes, you will be the center of the whole event, and you can do whatever you like. Until then, you’ll have to wait and give priority to the bride.

3. There are many bridesmaids hair styles which involve braided updos. You can realize that by making a classic bun and adding some braided elements to it. However, if this is too romantic for your taste and you are looking for a more modern approach, you can try fishtails on both sides of the head. Join them together in a pony tail in the back and you will obtain a younger look which will help you show off your fun personality.


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