Black and White Wedding Ideas

Choosing a theme for your wedding can be very challenging. You must think about the restaurant’s possibilities regarding the decorations and, of course you must think about how will your guests perceive your idea. After all, a comic book theme is not suitable for everybody. That is why we suggest you to choose a black and white wedding theme. It is elegant and classy, so you can be confident everyone will appreciate it.

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Start with the invitations. Keep in mind black is a powerful color and it can bring a touch of sadness or sobriety to their aspect. So, try to choose invitations that contain flowers patterns or a pretty design. This way you will achieve to have your invitations look both elegant and cheerful at the same time.

The next thing you need to do, is think about what black detail you would like to add to your wedding dress. You can opt for highlighting your waist with a black belt. However, you might want to add a sparkly accessory, or a white flower pattern on one side of it. A black and white wedding shouldn’t be to severe, so add a little glamor to it.

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Your bouquet must complement you gown and match the black detail it has, so here is some great advice. Ask the person in charge to make your bouquet from white flowers and black jewelry. The result will be amazing and everyone will admire your precious breath-taking bouquet.

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Another great idea is to have your bouquet made from white anemones and black little feathers. You will end up with a very classy and sophisticated bouquet.

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So, we advice you to have a back up plan for the moment when you will have to throw the bouquet to your bridesmaids. You might want to purchase a separate one, because you will never want to let this one go!

The bride’s cake must raise up to the expectations. Our suggestion is to make it white and use white anemones and black chocolate details to decorate it. Everyone will be impressed by the magnificent work of art.

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Instead of using flowers on top of the tables, use long white feathers. You can create an amazing contrast by using black table covers, white plates, black table napkins and white chair covers.
Black and white wedding ideas involve being creative, so set your imagination free and enjoy the result.


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