Best Ideas for Wedding Ring Tattoos

Since time immemorial, wedding rings have been a part of the marriage institution and people have worn them around the finger between the little finger and the middle finger. Although the ring finger is still the same, nowadays a wedding rings can take many shapes. Wedding ring tattoos are an innovative way of showing an eternal bond. There are plenty of varieties with different meanings and story. There is nothing like expressing your devotion and love in permanent ink. Moreover, wedding ring tattoos are great for those who can’t handle their jewelry or want to protect their wedding rings from wear and tear. These are the best ideas that you can use as a source of inspiration:

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  • Roman Date Tattoos

This is a ingenious and unique way to remember and tell others about important dates in your lives, such as the first time you met or the wedding date. Roman numbers were used in ancient Rome and are expressed through a combination of letters from the Latin alphabet. Today their use in limited to some minor applications, such as occurrences of grand events like the Olympic Games. In astronomy, the satellites of the planets are traditionally designated by Roman numerals. If you’re planning a wedding on a budget, getting tattoo rings could be a cheap and permanent way of eliminating some of the costs; even more intricate and complex models will never be as expensive as gold wedding bands, because the size of the tattoo is small and doesn’t require too much time.

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  • Anchors

The anchor is a great idea for wedding ring tattoos because it has lots of history and symbolism behind it. If you want something to remind you of a grounding, stable relationship, the anchor tattoo is something to consider, because it is the emblem of a strong foundation and stability. Furthermore, the rising anchor is a symbol for hope, telling everyone that the ship is leaving the current port and is heading towards a new voyage. You and your spouse are on a similar journey, venturing into a new era of your lives, filled with aspirations, expectations and dreams. Hope gives us courage to follow the course of the ship and carry the plans we have made.

  • Infinity Wedding Rings Tattoos

The infinity ring tattoos are some of the few symbols that can hold so much meaning and be so simple and genuine at the same time. Although some people consider the infinity sign one used only in mathematics, it has became very popular among couples that want to express their limitless, never ending love. The symbol inked on a finger also signifies endless possibilities without any limitations.

  • Celtic Knot Tattoo

Many couples opt for Celtic knots wedding ring tattoos because commitment and knots are so closely related. The Celtic knot, also known as the mystic or the endless knot, symbolizes the lack of a beginning and an ending. It reminds of the timeless nature of our love and spirit as we contemplate the infinite cycles of birth and rebirth.

  • Heart Tattoo

The heart shape and heart metaphor was created at the end of the Middle Ages and became very popular in the 16th century. The heart symbol is an ideograph that expresses emotion, affection and romantic love.


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