A Perfect Bride’s Plan

In order to have the most beautiful day of your life, you have to make sure everything is put in place. A free wedding checklist can be your best friend at this point. However, a perfect bride must have everything planned and at the same time she must be emotionally prepared for this occasion.

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10 aspects you need to take care of regarding the most important event of your life

First of all, you have to make sure that everything is well planned:

  • Review your list of activities and make sure you didn’t forget something. A free wedding checklist is the perfect tool, because it tells you when to order invitations, book the reception location, and basically informs you about each step you must take.
  • Recalculate your budget and see if the money you have is enough to pay for the restaurant, the flowers, the wedding dress, the invitations. You don’t want to have any bad surprises later.
  • Take another look at your guests list and see if they are well seated in order to enjoy their time at the wedding.
  • Talk to the musicians and establish what kind of music you like. Ask them to bring you a DVD with their performances from other weddings because this is how you will find out if you want to modify something from their repertory.
  • A perfect bride must have a perfect wedding album. Tell your photographer what type of pictures you want and describe to them your personality. This way they will know what suits you best and they can choose between romantic and funny photos.
  • Give directions to the cameraman. You have to face the fact that there might be some bad moments at the wedding, or you might be upset about something. Maybe one of your uncles will drink too much and start to redecorate the place. That is something you don’t want that see on your wedding video. Anyway, if something like that happens, try to see it as a funny thing. You must not let anyone to ruin your mood, no matter what happens. Try to smile all the time and have fun.
  • Make a list of the products you think you will need on the wedding day and ask one of your bridesmaids to put them in safe place for you when that day comes. Don’t forget to write down the following products: lipstick, a comfortable pair of shoes, safety pins, hair-pins and some calcium to use in case you get sick because of the emotions you might have.
  • Assign tasks for your friends and family and ask them to help you with the plans.
  • A perfect bride must look beautiful so redo your make-up from time to time when the big day comes.
  • The most important thing is to try to be relaxed and remember the reason why you are here. You don’t have to be a stressed bride who isn’t able to enjoy her a big moment, after all this is the most important day of your life and you want to have great memories of it.


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